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Review of Cord Blood Banks.

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Cord Blood Registry

      CBR owns their own laboratory some 80,000 square feet, the largest processing facility in the world, so they say. They use the newest technologies available and all quality control measures are up to or exceeds FDA standards. Cord Blood Registry is certified by the American Association of Blood Banks and the CLIA.

      The Cord Blood Registry has processed and stored more cord blood than any other bank of its kind, due largely to its size. CBR has more experience providing cord blood for use in treatment than any other family bank, again due to its size. To this day they have helped more than 156 families use their cord blood stem cells for lifesaving transplants and other therapies. CBR has not had any errors in the handling during the release of cord blood units to their respective families, meaning all units have been viable.

  • CBR has Experience
  • CBR is well equipped to handle your needs
  • CBR is the only one to off two way to save stem cells (in their market)
  • CBR has many years of storing cord blood for potential clients

      We have to remember Cord Blood Registry is an extremely large company in terms of the product they handle. This reason alone makes them top of their market, think Wal-Mart. But that does not mean they do business the same way, think child labor. These are the facts of the Cord Blood Registry remember to do your own research so you can make an informed decision when it's that time!


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